Local Safety Programs

No Second Chance

Michelin Australia is a proud partner of No Second Chance (N2C), a community programme that targets Australian teens with an emphasis on making smart decisions and discussing the consequences of poor decisions. 

Michelin Australia has chosen to partner with N2C given our shared value of respect for people – respect for ourselves, those around us, and those we share the roads with. The programme also has strong focus on youth safety.

The N2C programme is real, touching and most importantly makes you think twice about your decisions.  The N2C moto is “Make Smart Decisions – Live Your Dreams!”

N2C is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and with Michelin’s support, N2C can continue to target the most significant social problems that face our Australian community – youth violence and road safety.

To find out more about No Second Chance, visit their website www.n2c.com.au

Fatality Free Friday

Fatality Free Friday (FFF), an initiative of the Australian Road Safety Foundation, aims to ensure there is not a single road death in Australia for one day - Friday, 27 May 2016. FFF calls for road users to make a promise to yourself, your family and friends to consciously drive safely and obey road rules.

Michelin has a long track record as an industry leader in road safety. In addition to developing tyres that help motorists brake earlier, grip better in the wet and handle better in corners, Michelin supports measures to make driving safer, providing employees with training and promoting raod safety to the wider public.

Join thousands of Australians from around the country and visit www.fatalityfreefriday.com before Friday 27 May 2016 to sign the Road Safety pledge.

Stay safe on the roads not only today but everyday!

Porsche Kids Drive School

Michelin Australia is a proud partner of the Porsche Kids Driving School, as it fits well with Michelin’s ambition to deliver safer mobility.

The Porsche Kids Driving School has an educational focus as well as being fun, offering primary school aged children valuable road safety lessons.

At Porsche Kids Driving School children aged approximately five to nine learn basic road rules and safe driving from qualified Porsche Sport Driving School instructors and Michelin staff. They will then have the chance to practice what they were taught on a specially designed track in their own Porsche 911 pedal cars.

For more information on Porsche Kids Driving School, please visit: www.porsche.com/australia

Fill Up With Air

Fill up With Air is a global Michelin community service program to help drivers operate their tyres safely.

Michelin aims to educate motorists on the importance of maintaining the correct tyre pressure in order to ensure their own safety as well as that of other road users.

The program involves tyre inspections to ensure they are in good condition, checking the tyre pressure and filling the tyres with air as required.