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Longer lasting tyres with fuel saving and maximise safety for your daily use

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  • More Mileage

    More Mileage

    20% more mileage compared to leading competitor.

  • More Fuel Saving

  • Maximum Safety

  • Total Performance

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    Just purchased my 2nd set of these tyres

    5 / 5
    By Bill from VIC - Subaru Forester - Highway & Freeways

    I have just replaced the tyres on my Forester with the same tyres I have run for the past 3 years. They have done just a tick over 140,000kms so why would I want to replace them with something else. I don't drive hard preferring to drive a manual car. These tyres handle all conditions perfectly. Regular checking of tyre pressure and wheel alignment is important as well.

    Bill would recommend this tyre to a friend

    Perfect compromise between grip and wear, great in wet

    5 / 5
    By martymoose from QLD - Toyota Avalon - Mixed Conditions

    Some of the best tires I have had, do not break away suddenly even when pushed in the wet. When pushed hard through a corner, they slide predictably - never reaching a sudden break away point I have experienced with other tyres. Quiet, good control, excellent wet weather adhesion. Could not ask for more.

    martymoose would recommend this tyre to a friend

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