Michelin Pilot Sport 3




A tyre made for sport-oriented vehicles and high-powerd saloons, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 gives you driving pleasure and security in both wet and dry conditions.

Why is this the right tyre for me?

  • Better Road Holding Wet Conditions

    Better Road Holding Wet Conditions

    Three metres shorter braking distance on wet roads. 

  • More Driving Pleasure

  • Outstanding Energy Efficiency

  • Total Performance

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  • User reviews

    4.8 / 5 based on 4 reviews
    100% of respondents would recommend this to a friend

    2002 Subaru WRX Club Spec Evo 5 12 months Review

    5 / 5
    By Sexy Yellow Bug from NSW - Subaru WRX - Mixed Conditions

    I have had these tyres in 215/45/17 for just over 12 months on my all wheel drive Subaru WRX Evo 5. My driving style is based on Sydney roads with weekend country drives through sweeping mountains and on highways. There is hardly any road noise from them and they always balance up perfectly. In the dry they are great and very grippy with extremely good even wear. However in the wet is where they come alive in my opinion. I have never aquaplaned and nor lost traction and I am talking about where speeds were at the higher ends :) I am very fussy with tyres and so far am unable to fault them. Thanks!

    Sexy Yellow Bug would recommend this tyre to a friend

    Michelin Pilot Sport in a word, AWESOME

    5 / 5
    By NISMO from VIC - Nissan Maxima - Country Roads

    I purchased a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 245.40.18 Y rating. it's the first time I have purchased Michelin tyres and they're the most reassuring tyre I have ever had on my car, great job Michelin. The grip is on another planet from all the other tyres I have had on my car, they just do not want to let go, "one reassuring tyre" with better feel and direct steering feedback to the driver;). One more thing that I noticed from other very well known brands I have had on my car, they're the smoothest tyres I have ever driven on, no oscillating feedback at all just smooth driving, it's a pleasure to drive now. Bang for buck, the best!

    NISMO would recommend this tyre to a friend

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